Victorian Building Authority (VBA) - Swimming Pools, Spas and their Safety Barriers 

Victorian Building Authority (VBA) - Swimming Pools, Spas and their Safety Barriers - Practice Notes

Life Saving Victoria - Victorian Drowning Report 2016/20177

Submission to Government from the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Victoria (SPASA) in response to the Building Regulations 2017 RIS

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning - Building Regulations Sunset Review

  1. Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) Building Regulations 2017 Overview
  2. Building Regulations Review - Strengthened Regulations (Includes the proposal of Retrospective Legislation)
  3. Regulatory Impact Statement Building Regulations 2017 - Part B: Design, construction, completion/use and other topics

Kidsafe Victoria

Aquatics and Recreation Victoria

Independent Review of NSW Swimming Pool Regulation - Final report November 2015 - Michael Lambert

Pool fencing for preventing drowning of children (Review) (USA) - Cochrane Report 1998

Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report 2016 

Royal Life Saving Non-Fatal Drowning Report 2017

Queensland Building and Construction Commission - Pool Safety

NSW Office of Local Government - Swimming Pools and Spa Pools

Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce - Rules for Pools and Spas

Queensland Government Family & Child Commission - Annual Report:Deaths of children and young people in Queensland 2014–15

World Health Organization - Preventing drowning: An implementation guide


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