Consider a regular maintenance program as insurance to protect the life of your pool and equipment

A regular maintenance program can provide many benefits to the new pool owner.


Regular check-ups or visits allow the pool shop and service department to come to you. This is usually done on a monthly basis, but can be as frequent as fortnightly and weekly during the peak swimming season.

Generally it is organised as required to achieve the best possible performance for your pool water quality and equipment function.

Make sure the Pool Service technician that performs your regular maintenance visit is SPASA Victoria trained and qualified to service and repair your pool or spa investment.

Filtration equipment performance and new finish protection can be enhanced with regular check-ups to correct faults before expensive replacement is required.


Correct water balance and salt levels are required to maintain healthy water, sanitiser performance and equipment protection. Many new rendered pool interior finishes require strict chemical level control to ensure the maximum life expectancy and good looks are retained. Regular visits by a SPASA Victoria trained pool technician will achieve this task and will provide the correct mineral and salt additions to save wastage and assist with the storage of bulk and hazardous chemicals.

Your maintenance visits can be tailored to the use of the pool and spa. You may choose to increase visits during the swimming season to achieve maximum use, but still maintain regular visits during the off season when neglect can cause unseen equipment and interior pool surface damage.


Your new swimming pool and spa is an entertainment area; your family and friends deserve to have a healthy and safe environment to enjoy for the maximum time weather conditions allow. 

Your pool should be kept in tip top condition, so that it is always ready when the hot weather hits or a special pool party is arranged. 

The best advice on heating your pool is readily available to save time and money, but most importantly to get the most use from your pool and spa.

Pool systems are becoming more sophisticated with automatic control units, heating systems, and filtration and dosing systems installed. Regular check-ups ensure that the chance of breakdown is dramatically reduced. However, if something does fail, attention is usually very quick, as your SPASA Victoria trained pool professional is intimately acquainted with your system’s operation and is dedicated to return the pool back to full operation.

Download Fact Sheet 19 - Maintenance